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The DNA of the VIPARO Man and Woman

The VIPARO Man is confident, bold and self assured. He wants the most from life and understands that hard work doesn't go unnoticed or unrewarded. His diary is always full with work, catching up with friends, dinner with the family, all without missing his routine workout. At a party, his is the B-type personality. Not the loudest in the room but definitely the most intriguing. People are naturally inclined to his presence and effortless charisma. He appreciates simplicity and minimalism. In a world full of information and clutter, he sees the bigger picture.

The VIPARO Woman is independent and effortlessly chic. She styles confidently with a raw edgy element to all of her outfits. She's ambitious, level-headed and confident, the perfect partner and balance to the VIPARO Man. She understands that individualism and independence is sexy and comes naturally, not something learnt or taught. She's conscious, self-aware and lives a fast paced life. She stays up to date with the latest current affairs, pop culture and celebrity goss but always makes time to catch up with friends, lunch with the family without skipping her favourite gym class.


As a brand VIPARO encapsulates, confidence, boldness, and positivity. We’re a glass half full type of label and always see the positive side to every equation and scenario. VIPARO represents hard work and crafting a passion for leather with a mixture of expertise in style, technology and retail. We believe leather is not limited to high fashion, designer labels or runways. Our aim is to make leather fashion accessible and to challenge thoughts and ideas on how leather is incorporated in everyday wear. Leather is for everybody. It's your demeanour, a lifestyle, an aesthetic that exudes effortless casual living.


Welcome to VIPARO. Your leather brand.




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