Australian Fashion and Style, I love you

By: Jelena Ardalic

After coming back to Sydney only a few days ago from a trip to Europe one thing I noticed almost immediately (and was grateful for, might I add) was seeing the quirky looking girl dressed in head-to-toe colour and psychedelic prints. And that’s when it hit me – man, I missed Sydney.


Don’t get me wrong I missed the people dearest in my life whilst away in Europe, but seeing the girl in what some may call outrageous outfit sure as hell made me realise how much I missed the freedom and attitude we have here towards fashion.

Romance was Born

But of course, though – when we celebrate Aussie fashion labels like Romance was Born, Ksubi and Josh Goot, we are bound to all have an amazing sense of individual style here in Oz.


Now, let me stress that from where I went to – the Republic of Serbia in Bosnia – if you don’t wear fur, tight denim jeans, and sparkly shirts (well, sparkly anything) then you’re kind of considered the most boring of the bunch, the plain Jane…well, you get the point. You see, apple-bottom-jeans-boots-with-the-fur has never exactly been my style (sorry, Flo Rida), so I guess I stood out from the crowd in my military-style ankle boots, leather biker jacket and layered slouched jumpers and excessive rings on my fingers – and it wasn’t for the right reasons.


Let me recall a memory at a wedding I attended whilst overseas – but first off I should let you guys know I am a fan of any shoe that is a chunky platform or anything that is embellished with studs. Now, back to the wedding – my cousin pointed out to a girl who was wearing a gorgeous pair of Jeffrey-Campbell-esque Lita-style platforms completely covered with metal spikes that I really coveted. Much to my dismay, my cousin and no one else seemed to think her shoes were anything amazing at all, so this time I decided (biting my tongue, though) to hold back my opinion.


Now that I’m in Sydney though, let me just say THANK YOU to all you lovely lasses and lads who have caught my attention in the streets for what you have been wearing – right from your metallic doc martens, to the excessive layered necklaces and colourful hairstyles – and thank you for making me feel okay about wearing the studded fedora my partner keeps finding so unbelievably comical and insisting I look like an eighty-five year old man.


Photo credit: Romance was Born Spring Summer 2012-2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Photo by Lucas Dawson.

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