Celeb Leather Love

There's nothing like finding that iconic leather piece. It's truly priceless, really. The quality, feel and even smell of an item can make you want to wear that piece again and again.

Rest assured, celebrities feel no different when it comes to the perfect leather jacket.

Celebrities are constantly being pounded for the 'fashion faux pa' of re-wearing statement pieces such as jewellery, dresses and shoes. But when it comes to leather, the likes of Katy Perry, Rihanna and Kate Moss deserve to be cut a little slack. After all, who doesn't love to wear the hell out of their favourite biker jacket?

Take a leaf out of the celeb style book and transform your signature leather look from chic to magnifique!

Katy Perry


Alexa Chung

Kim Kardashian 

Kate Moss

"A leather a day keeps the doctor away" - Lauren Morton

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