Fashion Fun for the Fillies

Let's be honest. When the Spring Racing Carnival comes to town, most of us ladies aren't thinking about which horse to bet on or whether the odds are in our favour. Rather, it's more than likely we've got something much more important on our minds. Fashion.

The stakes are incredibly high when it comes to choosing the right outfit for race day. You want to look great, but most importantly, you want to feel great about yourself. There is truly nothing better than having the chance to get dolled up for the day, and racing season gives you that opportunity by the bucket full (or the trough full as it would seem).

To help you get a bit of inspiration for the upcoming carnival events, VIPARO have put together a few looks inspired by our next collection, which will hopefully get those fashion thoughts flowing.

1) Pastels
Spring = colour, and this year, it's all about pastels. When working with a subdued palate, try and spice things up a bit by pairing your dress with contrasting accessories. This way, you'll not only pop out from the rest of the ponies, but you'll also be as pretty as a picture.

2) Floral 
Nothing says feminine and fun like floral. Whilst this age old pattern never fails, it's good to keep it fresh and updated. Instead of going down the rose and tulip route, why not mix it up by choosing a more tropical or oriental print? You'll have the stallions fawning over you for sure.

3) Leather
When you think races, you don't often think leather. But rocking this look doesn't mean you have to resemble a member of the Hell's Angels. Rather, it's quite the opposite. It's all about enhancing your lady-like self. Choose a dress with leather detailing to show off your figure and unique hat to top off the look. Leather is of course perfect for black and white Derby Day!

Now you're ready to get racing! But before you head out for your day of fashion fun, be sure to bring along your favourite VIPARO jacket to keep you warm as the sun sets.

"A leather a day keeps the doctor away" - Lauren Morton

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