Interview - Lester Jones of I DIG YOUR SOLE MAN

We speak to Sydney based TV Producer, Videographer and Photographer, Lester Jones from I Dig Your Sole Man, the first sneakers based blog.


Why did you start I Dig Your Sole Man, and how long has it been in operation?

If I'm honest, I started I Dig Your Sole Man as a street photography project, something that I could use to publish work regularly.  It didn't take long for the project to become more than that, and the editorial angle grew, as did the chance to embark on some serious storytelling of the unique subculture of the sneaker world and street fashion in general.


Your blog is focused on sneakers, and the street/sneaker culture/lifestyle - did you have a fave pair of sneakers growing up? And has it changed to what your  fave pair of sneakers are now?

Wow, growing up? We didn't have much money when I grew up so I was always that kid that envied the kicks the other kids had.  I remember at school some kid walked in wearing some of the first Nike Air's and it blew my mind.  That said, I've always appreciated an array of styles and brands and that's continued today so I don't have one fave pair now.


 Fashion blogging is on the rise, and will continue to be a popular venture for a lot of people - do you think sometimes its a case of people wanting their 15 seconds of fame and a slice of celebrity?

Well, not many blogs earn their creators any fame - only a select few, and I think those that stick it out and work hard to create a unique voice deserve some credit.  That said, Fashion Week showcased just how many blogs there were out there and I think it showcased the worst side of blogging; the narcissist set! They know who they are!


Scott Schuman of The Satorialist said that 99% of the time, people don't mind getting their photo taken, even when its a complete stranger - you've got quite a few shots of people on the street. What's their usual reaction when you ask to shoot them?

Yeah, I would agree with him on that.  If you're polite, complimentary and can make the subject feel comfortable they seem happy to pose.  In 4 years probably only 10 people have said no.


Where has the blog taken you (opportunities & collaborations)?

Where to start - the best things have been the opportunity to travel, and more importantly to meet some amazing people.  Professionally, it's led to me shooting a lot of commercial projects for brands, including Directing Ads, and shooting campaigns for brands in Oz and Internationally which is great.


Anything coming up in the pipeline?

Yes - lots.  Can't say too much but watch this space.


And finally, who would you love to shoot as a subject? Past or present?

Hitler wearing a pair of Yeezys.




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