Interview with blogger Elle May Leckenby

Elle-May Leckenby is the blogger for the self titled, Elle-May. She is fearless and fun, we love how her goofy personality translates through her pictures. She has styled the VIPARO womens beige Kendall leather jacket and the VIPARO womens Arianna denim and leather shorts in the beautiful backdrop and in her home town, Yaroomba Queensland.

Your background?
I studied graphic design and visual communication as soon as I finished school and then went onto study photography, after that I worked for about a year doing web design and then have been doing all kinds of exciting projects for myself and other brands since then!!


What is your favourite thing to do?
I love to be inspired whether it is through music, film or life experience and then plan photo shoots around my inspiration, capture and edit them!! I also love getting out of my comfort zone, trying new experiences, also I love to sing, ride my bike and bake!! haha okay that's more then one thing!


What was your first job?
I worked for a week at red rooster, and then waitressed at hogs breath for two years haha! I actually really enjoyed hospitality


Your current obsession?
I absolutely love a new bike! haha I go for rides almost every day now, down to the beach and swim!!


What is the best advice given to you?
My parents always give me good words of wisdom. One thing that I have been taught, is to work on my character over everything! Good and bad things will continuously pass through life, if you focus on using the down times to strengthen you as a person, you can't really go wrong. The bad things turn into a plus because you know they are improving and strengthening your character!


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