The Gentleman's Guide to owning a Leather Jacket

Not sure what to look for when investing in a leather jacket? Here are some tips for the modern man:


1.Leather jackets should hug your shoulders; there shouldn’t be any room or air. It definitely should not be baggy.


2.To dress up your leather jacket, pair a biker with a collared shirt, a skinny black tie and keep everything else slimming i.e. wear tapered pants and pair it with Springcourts or Nike Dunks or any sneakers that are clean and sharp. Aim for an effortless look. Aim for slim fitting sleeves, unlike a suit jacket, you will be less likely to get leather tailored. Black can be a safe color, but try other hues, like red, khaki, brown or navy blue.



3. A leather jacket should never go any lower than the waist; it’s not a coat, it’s a jacket!

4.If you want to opt for something classic, a staple that will see you still reaching for in your wardrobe for years to come would be the black ‘Hoodlum’, just like Viparo's very own 'Callum'. The hood, ribbing hem and cuffs gives it that flawless look, which can be dressed up or down.


5. Layering is also good, especially in winter where you want to be rugged up. Try different textures, wear jersey cotton collared shirts, add a fleece hoodie underneath, and then add the leather jacket for the extra edge and extra warmth!

6.Always be mindful of the types of leather that can be used. For example, Lambskin is the softest leather, so it can easily tear or snag if brushed against something sharp. It’s the most comfortable type of leather available on the market. Majority of Viparo's leather pieces are lambskin, some are also Premium New Zealand leather.


7. Pigskin is often used giving strength, durability in wear. It also has natural breathability, resulting in greater comfort.

8. Goat leather is extremely durable and is comprised of a mid-range softness in between cow hide (thickest) and lambskin/sheepskin (softest). Goat leather is more durable than pigskin but with a coarser tiny pebble finish. Our 'Marlon' style is a great example.

9. Cow leather is the most durable, being it’s one of the toughest; is often used for leather motorcycle jackets. It’s firm, structured, comfortable and thick. It can be somewhat stiff at times.

 10. Suede leather is soft, often used for dresses and accessories. Suede doesn't include the tough exterior skin layer, suede is less durable but softer than standard “full grain”.







Ultimately, investing in a leather jacket should be a timeless piece, an item of clothing that you could wear pretty much for any occasion. The jacket should age gracefully with you. Happy shopping!


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