Q + A with Food Blogger Bob from Jugernauts

I love trawling on the internet looking for cool food blogs, so I can get a better sense of a new restaurant, cafe or eatery that has opened or that I might be eager to try, and the ones that I keep coming back to, are ones with good clear photos and honest opinions. Pedestrian TV's Blogster awards, now in its third year, celebrates Australia's popular voices of the interwebs. I briefly chatted with Bob from Jugernauts about being nominated (he's up for an award in the Food Category) and of course, all things food.


  In your about section, you stated you like photography and food, which would probably be the best combination to start up a food blog. Is that the reason for starting TheJugernauts?

Funnily enough, the blog started after heading out to a food event, where I met a bunch of foodies, and a bunch of them were shy and I can be fairly social and that coupled with the fact that I never cook and ate out most days made the food blog a natural choice. I already had the cameras and the tech savvy. The blogging came easily.


What do you consider it takes to separate yourself from being a good blogger to a great blogger?

A great blogger takes the care to try to present a good narrative of the venue through to the dining experience. Its about being to communicate as effective in the writing whether or not something is worthwhile. I try not to ramble (although you do). My longest post was the 1 year round out up otherwise I think the pictures speak volumes. Why write an essay espousing the value of the bite when you can just say "go eat this".

lobo bob

You’re nominated for the 2013 Pedestrian Blogster Awards. What was your reaction to hearing you were one of the nominees?

Amused to be nominated but what struck me more was the fact that I'm currently leading the public vote - all things considered because the blog is so new and I'm up against recipe and established blogs. They're the real blog juggernauts while mine is a mere newbie/contender. I actual dismayed when I realized it was a Facebook like popularity contest and didn't look at it further. The jugernauts vs the juggernauts, David vs Goliath. Vote for me ;)


What are your personal favorite blogs/websites you visit?

My personal favorite sites: I listed 3 on my profile. Simon Food Favourites. Simon's a great guy, really funny, open and a real easy guy. Had a couple of meals with Mr Leong since, I dig his reviews and insight. Heneedsfood is another one, the food photography is astounding. John also crosses into recipe blogging and its just beautiful done . As for the design side, nothing beats Yellow Trace and Bustler. Beautiful design that everyone should look at. Youtube seriously can't be beat too. Its just such a great thing.


And finally, your favorite restaurant/cafe in Sydney?

Black Star Pastry. Its not a restaurant per say (its a patisserie helmed by Chris The) but it really is my favorite place to eat in Sydney. Nothing comes close. Great coffee and delicious happiness inducing bites. $10 bucks = bliss. The watermelon rosewater cake is superlative as are most things. I'm often here on the weekend sitting on the pew outside. Other favorite places at the moment are Lobo Plantation, Chur Burger and Devon Cafe.


You can check out Bob's blog here. Follow Jugernauts on social media



And don't forget to vote for him here!

All photos courtesy of http://www.jugernauts.com/

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