Top 5 tips on Holiday Packing!

By Neelam Mani

Going on holidays can be stressful, you don’t want to over pack while at the same time no one wants to put on an outfit and realize they don’t have the right shoes to complete their look to perfection. The good news, this article will give you a foolproof way to pack for your trip and keep you staying on trend.


1.      Don’t Pack your bag full.


This is a major mistake everyone makes. When packing we forget that we are going to buy things while holidaying; souvenirs, clothes and shoes. Keep your bag 1/3 empty to allow for your holiday buys and extra packing room.


2.      Basics, basics, basics

 When on holiday you can never have enough basics. Whether these are tops or bottoms, monochrome colours are always foolproof as well as currently on trend. Mix up the cuts and designs of these basics with cap sleeved shirts and sleeveless vest tops, or have them long sleeved depending on the weather of your destination. And have one; I repeat only one pair of denim jeans.

Dungarees are on trend at the moment and super comfortable and easy to accessorize and wear. Have this in your luggage as a great go to outfit.




       3.Your favorite outfit

 DO NOT forget your favorite outfit! The outfit that makes you ooze confidence while you’re wearing it. If you’re in a rush to get out the door to catch that tour you booked, this outfit will be perfect, giving you the confidence you need. Have an outfit for going out at night and casually hitting the streets. Leather is majorly in right now. Pair a leather skirt, coloured or otherwise (pants if the weather is cooler) with a basic or peplum top and heels for a great outfit on a night out.


4.You WILL buy clothes


Remember that you will definitely buy clothes and accessories while you’re on holidays. Try to find pieces that are unique to the country or city you are in, fashion is not about following the crowd. Jewelry is usually reflective of a city’s culture. Embrace this; this is why you left your luggage 1/3 empty!





1.      5.Shoes & Accessories


As much as you will be dying to pack in to your suitcase every earring and all the pairs of shoes you’ve ever owned try to stick shoes that work with everything. Cut out boots are on trend at the moment. Definitely have a pair of these in your suitcase. Don’t forget a pair of comfy shoes like vans or converse. Try to be minimal when packing your accessories remembering that you will be a lot of these when on holidays.




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