Trend Report: The 90’s are back in 2013

By Matthew Galea

Out with the old, in with the… old? While overalls were once revered as denim royalty and a must for all the cool kids of the 90’s, the noughties saw them cast out into the coldness of fashion blasphemy along with tie dye and plaid.

However, these 90’s classics have now taken overall (see what I did there?) the fashionista/o’s and have seeped their way into the street style of 2013.


Everyone has been quick to jump on board with this blast from the past, from the collections of Phillip Lim and Giorgio Brato to fashion blogger Hanneli Mustaparta to the mighty Biebs who was recently under fire for wearing his ralls whilst accepting a Diamond Jubilee Award by Canadian Prime Minister. Bieber was labeled the ‘White Trash Prince’ as a result of the incident, but he will have the last laugh when ‘White Trash’ becomes ‘Trashy Chic’ and overalls become the staple outfit of 2013.


In fact, they have already begun to hit the stores of Australia including General Pants Co.’s rendition of vintage denim overalls that have taken the streets of Sydney by storm. Other retailers are bound to pick up on this trend sooner rather than later and before you know it, you’ll be watching Dawsons Creek and swinging to the sweet sounds of the Spice Girls in your very own pair of overalls.


Whether they’re jean or leather, whether they’re worn fully buttoned, half buttoned or simply rolled down like RiRi, overalls are sure to be inducted into the list of unstoppable fashion forces of 2013. Watch out ladies and gentlemen, the 90’s are coming for you. If you want to own a pair of overalls, we've got our own version, which is an overall dress called 'The Tallulah'.



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