Trend Report: The Checkered Shirt

Aaah, yes the quintessential checkered shirt (plaid or flannel if you're more familiar with those terms) has got to be one of the non gender - specific items worn and loved by pretty much every grunge kid of the 90s. Although our shirt range is more geared to the modern male, who's to say females can't rock them in their own individual way?

red skyler








Check out our Red flannel shirt 'Skyler' here (no pun intended)


Taylor Tomasi Hill

Taylor Tomasi Hill rockin' the blue plaid.


Streetstyle from New Zealand



No matter what kind of style that you tend to gravitate towards, whether it be simple and chic, to rock-n-roll, skater punk , the checkered shirt is your best friend, and more importantly,  a staple in your wardrobe.  Shop our range here


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