Viparo Insider: Graphic Designer Steven Rogers

We talk to up and coming graphic designer Steven Rogers, who produced an amazing brand profile for us!

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What made you decide to choose graphic design as a career?

I have always had a passion for art since I was young, taking up many classes in traditional art.

I could never get a grasp on this form of art and my interest grew more towards computer based design.

I then decided to study Graphic design as I got older and have found a great liking to this field of work.

What would you say is your aesthetic? i.e. How would you describe your creative/visual eye?

My visual eye would be the usage of colour and vibrancy towards my designs, but the one thing that I focus more towards is originality.

Some things I try to keep quite simplistic and even throw in a few elements of surprise, other times I love to get down to the last detail and really use my own perspective on things.

Do you have any favourite Websites you like to visit?


I love connecting with Facebook and Deviantart most specifically as I share my artwork to get myself out there. I try to keep my Facebook page running every so often as I receive most of my clients through this.

What would be your ultimate goal professionally?

 My ultimate goal professionally would be to build up my clientele and get my name out and about.

This would be a very big milestone for me and my career.

I would also love to relocate to the United States and continue pursuing my goals as I have many contacts there.

Lastly, describe Viparo in 3 words.

Classy, Elegant, Youthful

You can check more of Steven's work here:

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