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Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Greta Larkins is the genius behind, bringing alive some of the freshest looks off the runway, adding humour and creative flare to otherwise a very flat and still-life image. We were lucky to work with Greta for our Spring/Summer 2013 Collection (which you can check out here!)

Greta Larkins

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We had a chat with Greta, talking all things inspiration, fave designers and her own popular tumblr site.


 Describe your job and what it entails.

I work for a jewellery wholesaling company where I spend most of my day retouching and recoloring product with Photoshop. Often I get requests like, "Can you make this gold necklace silver and the red stone, green" and then through using Photoshop I create this effect. I also do trend forecasting and work on their online store too.


Mila from The Fifth Element, love this!


How long has been in operation?

Just over two years. To date I've posted 746 GIFS so roughly two a day, which doesn't sound like heaps but they can take a while to make!


Queen of hearts


Fashion Gifs are increasing in popularity, adding an edgy element in terms of visual aesthetics, why do you think that it is?

I think their rise in popularity is because they're instantly engaging. The repetitive nature means you can really push a message whether it be funny, or even educational (there are a lot of science blogs that use GIFS to this effect). We see so many images on the web everyday so we become pretty efficient at scrolling through them but an interesting GIF can catch your eye and engage you for that moment longer.


Majority of your GIFS are from the runway, what makes you choose a particular shot? (what do you look for ,what they’re wearing, colors, facial expressions etc.)

I love this question! It's a combination of things; usually I'm looking for a strong outfit that I can animate but sometimes a model looks so striking or an outfit is so beautiful I'll work on an idea for a while in order to get it to move. Often the idea jumps out, other times it takes a bit more thought. I can be a bit cheeky sometimes, if a model is super shining I might give her a touch of make-up, or if she has a huge bruise on her calf I might remove it. The saving process for GIFs can be quite harsh, it makes contrasts really jump out, I even regularly give the runway floor a clean so there aren't huge patches of dirt etc. as these become more obvious as the pixels get reduced.




Who are your favourite designers, internationally and locally?

Locally I love Karen Walker and Limedrop. There's a great shop in Melbourne's CBD called Blonde Venus which is also beautiful. There are so many great local labels, Willow is also gorgeous. Internationally (it's very cliché I know) I'm a big Prada fan and have been a Christopher Kane fan for as long as I can remember. Once in a blue moon I'll treat myself to something from a high end label but I don't make it a habit. My most recent purchase (online) was a homemade necklace from some crazy rave kid in Chicago, I like to mix it up.


Finally, what websites/blogs do you regularly browse?

Everyday without fail I check, Red Carpet Fashion Awards and Fashion Copious. I'm a big fan of Into The Gloss, Style Bubble and Sea of Shoes too. Locally I read Fashion Hayley and Sea of Ghosts to name a couple. I recently popped a list of (some of) my favourite Tumblrs on the site, though I follow over 1000 so that's only a small selection of the ones I love!

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