VIPARO Insider Interview with Tyler Touche

We briefly chat to young gun producer/ DJ Tyler Touche. Watch this space, he's gonna be huge!



How old are you Tyler and how long have you been in the music game?

I'm 17 years old. I've been playing various instruments and playing in school bands since I was 10, but have been producing music for roughly the past 2 & 1/2 years. I think my first live show/DJ set was just over a year ago.

Tyler touche up close
Growing up, who were your music influences?

I listened to a bunch of different music, mostly soft rock bands as a young kid, but quickly gravitated towards the enchanting sounds of electronic music. I think my first contact with electronic music was probably hearing some  Basshunter from a friend. Hopefully my musical palette has matured since then.

I'm still growing up so I find myself looking back to older music for influence, from artists such as Chaka Khan, Prince, Chic, Earth Wind & Fire, Steely Dan and countless others.

You were a Triple J unearthed Finalist in 2012, and you just finished the House Party Tour with Nina Las Vegas, Flight Facilities, Cassian and Wave Racer. What was that experience like?

It's been an amazing experience coming from Unearthed High in 2012, to being able to play alongside some of the artists I have a lot of respect for. House Party Tour was a great experience just to be able to get to know a great bunch of artists and party with them nationwide. Many Skittles were consumed. 





What would be your ultimate gig? E.g venue, festival, guest vocals?

I've always thought that the Paris Social Club would be a fun place to play.

Either that or a super intimate jazz club.

What is currently getting a lot of high rotation on your ipod? Fave tracks at the moment?

Black Yaya - Paint a Smile on Me

Miami Horror - Real Slow

Sterling Silver - Sweet Talk


And finally, what are future plans or projects in the pipeline?

Currently I'm finishing off a couple remixes for artists, as well as finishing my final year in high school.

I'm looking forward to sitting down and writing more original material in the near future.

I'm playing a few really cool shows/festivals towards the end of the year which I'm really looking forward to.


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Special thanks to Natalie Dodds

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