VIPARO Insider: Q + A with Bespoke Laser

Viparo speaks to Daniel David Sutherland - Director, Industrial Designer of Bespoke Laser.


What is Bespoke Laser and how long has it been in operation?

Bespoke Laser is a modern workshop that prides itself on service, versatility & design - we specialise in laser cutting and engraving of course. We're fairly young - going on 11 months now, but we've been in the industry for a long time elsewhere.


What projects have you been a part of?

We've just sponsored an art exhibition called Broadside, where we laser engraved 20 different artworks from some of Australia's top designers. It was awesome to be able to open up a technology to creatives in new ways - they definitely pushed us. We also do a lot of one-off customization, which is something we really believe will be the norm once enough people realize how accessible and affordable it's become. Laser cutting is perfectly suited to this, because there's so little set-up involved. Your "Viparo To.." swing tags are a great example of this in action.



How is bespoke laser different to other companies that offer the same or similar service?

Well, while we have a commercial client base running typical laser cutting jobs like anybody else, we do also like to pay special attention to the creative industry - designers, artists, graphic designers, marketing agencies, branding agencies etc. They tend to bring us really interesting jobs that push the capabilities of the technology, which feeds back into our regular work.


Browsing on the company website, it’s a very clean but simple aesthetic.  Viparo, being an online only fashion brand, we love trawling through blogs and websites like Trendland, Hypebeast, Upscale Hype to name a few to keep in the loop of whats going on around the world. Are there any blogs/ websites you’re addicted to?

As guys, we can't go past, and as lovers of all things timber (as you might notice from our website we get our fix of inspiration from The Creatives among us keep up to speed through


Finally, are there any goals as to what you hope to achieve in the future? 

We're really working hard to open up laser cutting to anybody that considers themselves creative. Although it's typically associated with heavy industry, the type of laser cutting we're into provides the easiest step towards creating real objects in 3D for anybody used to designing on a computer. Forget 3D printing, lasers are where it's at.


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