Viparo Insider: Interview with Kilo Kish

We love discovering fresh new talent to our Aussie customers, and we've come across 23 year old singer Kilo Kish. Originally from Florida, she now divides her time between two of the best cities in the world, Los Angeles and New York City.We were lucky enough to speak to Kish where she talks about her style and musical influences growing up.


Hi Kish! How old are you and how would you describe yourself & your sound to the uninitiated?

Hey I'm 23. I would say I'm creative and I have a pretty natural sound as I take a very organic approach to making songs.


 You’re a singer/songwriter but you also have a background in art & design.  Do you think those two worlds go hand-in-hand when writing music?

As much as I'd like to say yes and have tried to find a correlation when it comes to merging two things that I love, for me, I love designing and I love making songs but they are totally unrelated in my creative process. I get thrown off sometimes if I try to work on visual art and music in the same day.



 Growing up, who were your musical influences?

I really liked N.E.R.D I was definitely one of those kids. I also had napster and kazaa and would download a bunch of random music and try to like it. I've always loved soul music and the disco era.

You’ve spent a lot of time living in New York, and now you’re dividing it up between NYC & LA – 2 great fashion-forward cities. What current trends are you seeing or emerging and how would you describe your personal style?

I think New York has a perfectly polished, unpolished look. Everyone looks so cool and like they're not trying, effortless cool. In LA, I think they're less focused on runway fashion, very content being hot and tan. I feel like my style in LA is even more relaxed than it is in New York, I would say my style is little kid meets middle aged woman the same time. 


And finally, which bands make you dance?


I really like listening to this old school hip hop station in LA called K-day. Its kind of my favorite thing about having to be in a car so often. I don't really search for new music or ever know whats going on really, I much prefer hearing a song I haven't heard in a long time. I love that feeling. 



Check more of Kilo via her website.

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Thank you to Kilo Kish and Justin Scott.

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