Viparo Insider: Social Media blogger Jelena Ardalic

Meet one of our social media bloggers Jelena, who regularly writes up our trend reports, music and pop related posts here on The Curator. mee


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a second year communications and journalism student hoping to get into fashion journalism. Aside from the boring stuff like that, I am a crazy Eastern European coffee addict, lover of beautiful things, a happy-go-lucky believer that anything is possible, and a self-proclaimed comedian (well, at least I think so).


You're a blogger for Viparo, how do go about choosing topics within fashion to blog about?

To be honest, the key to it is just to not overthink it. I get my ideas at the most random times and I jot them down in a notebook or in my phone. I then look back on them when I have free time and just expand on them by finding images that relate to the topic for further aid and that's about it! Although more so than anything, I am heavily influenced by the people I see around me - for me, randoms on the street are the biggest inspiration for ideas!


Biggest fashion splurge?

A gorgeous bright red Miu Miu tote that I got 40% off in Paris! With a discount like that, I could not resist!


Trends you're loving at the moment?

I absolutely love the light-weight, silky, slip dresses that were shown at Louis Vuitton…and the great thing is you don't have to pay the designer price for them because a lot of high street stores have similar looks for under $100. Also, on a completely different style note, I absolutely love anything fluffy at the moment - fluffy cropped jumpers, fluffy skirts, fluffy shoes, fluffy bags - I blame it on Anna Dello Russo's Instagram! Although, since it is summer - anything white is my go-to for an easy summer outfit.


Who are your favourite designers?

At the moment, Alexander Wang and Dolce & Gabbana (well, from their 2013-14 collection - pure art!)


What would be your ultimate dream job?

Creative director or feature writer for a fashion magazine!


Finally, how would you describe Viparo in 3 words?

Edgy, Rock-n-Roll (We can pretend it's one word okay), and badass.




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