VIPARO Loves: Leather Care by Renapur

If you haven't already noticed, Viparo is a leather apparel brand, so naturally we provide our customers with only the best leather care. Here is an introduction to Renapur, the Leather Care brand we stock. We currently have the Conditioner/ Waterproofer which comes in two sizes, 60ml and 200ml and the Liquid Concentrate bottle.

We chatted to Robin Aspinall of Renapur about the brand and his recent visit to Australia.

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How would you describe the Renapur brand and a bit of background information on the company itself?

   In 2014 Renapur will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Since we were established in 1993 we have sold over 6million pots or Renapur Leather Balsam around the world. In Japan and the UK Renapur is now a household name. Japan went crazy for Renapur and over a two year period sold 1.3 million pots

We have sold over 250,000 pots of Leather Balsam in Australia.  Our absolute hero product is Renapur Leather Balsam. Our Cleaner and Hi Shine are both world class products but the Balsam is the product that has the “magic” touch.



There are a few brands who offer Leather care products, what would separate Renapur from the competition?

Our customers – they do the shouting for us. We have a long history of selling direct our customers at shows and exhibitions in many countries. We demonstrate the products so customers get to see what they can do on their own shoes, handbags etc before they buy. Our customers then spread the word for us. The most common comment we get from people ordering for the first time is “it was recommended by a friend”.

Our formulas are also very special. There are many generic formulas for leather products but ours are unique to us. We also do not stint on the quality of our ingredients which are the best quality available.

Our products also work on such variety of leather good from luxury handbags to Military boots.

Finally value for money. A 200ml pot of leather balsam will treat more than 500 pairs of shoes, 100 leather jackets or saddles and over 20 leather sofas and if you leave the lid off the pot it will still be perfect in 5 years time


Can you talk about the specific ingredients of the leather cleaner?

I never get too specific on ingredients as we guard our formula well. The formula for our Leather Cleaner is plant derived and completely biodegradable.  Leather Balsam is a combination of natural waxes and oils including beeswax, carnauba wax, Jojoba Oil, avocado oil.


You made your first trip here to Australia, what’s your take on our beautiful country?

I loved Australia and cant wait to go back. Without wanting to get into the Melbourne versus Sydney rivalry I loved them both. On this trip I spent most of my time in Melbourne. The next time I will stay more in Sydney – hopefully soon. That view as I walked into the harbour area by the ferry terminal gave me goose bumps!! My take on Australia – if I was twenty I would be applying to emigrate there.

 Whilst I was only there a week the expression "no worries” has somehow crept into my everyday vocabulary.

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