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VIPARO Leathers

Leather is a natural organic material, individual characteristics are exclusive to every single hide. Over time the leather will appear rustic as the hide embraces a patina that is unique to the user. Daily activities and life experiences including sun exposure, handling, water, and conditioning will aid this natural process. Each leather garment is produced with the finest leather materials available on the market, sourced directly from international leather hubs such as India, Pakistan, Turkey and Morocco. We carefully select the most suitable leather materials to suit each unique garment or accessory. 

Cow Leather
Cow hide leather forms the majority of commercially used leathers, from leather jackets to leather bags and other leather accessories. They offer good structure and durability and are often used for leather motorbike jackets and leather bags. Cow hide features a textured appearance however maintains a top grain finish. It's extremely durable, firm, yet easy to break in, comfortable and thick whose grain can range from extra smooth through to a pebble grain uniform pattern. It can be somewhat stiff at times but is available in many weights and cuts.
Sheep Leather

Extremely soft and comfortable sheep leather is quite pliable but can stretch and excessively distort the shape of the garment well worn. Different tanning can be expensive, softer and plumper is more expensive, less expensive skins have a tight small pebble grain and the cheapest skins will be coarse in feel.

Sheep Nappa leather on the other hand is made from sheep skin and is naturally one of the softest leathers and is closest in “hand” to a baby’s skin.

Lamb Leather
Very similar to sheepskin lamb leather is the softest and most comfortable type of leather avaiable on the market along with calf leather. Lambskin leather is commonly used in womens leather jackets due to the soft, buttery texture which produces a luxurious fashion garment or accessory.
Goat Leather
Goat leather is considered extremely durable and is commonly used in leather fashion garments and leather accessories that require a soft touch and feel with some form of durability. It is comprised of a mid-range softness in between cow hide (thickest) and lambskin/sheepskin (softest). Goat leather is more durable than pigskin but with a coarser tiny pebble grain finish. Generally only available in weights of 0.9 to 1.1 mm thick.
Buffalo Leather
Buffalo leather is an economic form of heavy duty leather with hair folicles and grain often evident. Durable and generally found in thickness from .9 mm to 3.0 mm thick, there are many variations of buffalo leather such as pull-up, split and cracker leathers which give a more rugged, distressed, vintage look.

Pigskin leather is made from some of the finest raw materials and often hasn'tt been sanded to remove any imperfections. Only the hair folicles have been removed. The leather grain remains in its natural state which allows for the best fiber strength, resulting in greater durability and wear. The natural grain also has natural breathability, resulting in greater comfort.

Rather than wearing out, it will develop a natural "Patina" and grow more beautiful with each and every wear. The finest furniture, footwear and garments are made from full-grain pigskin leather.




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